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minimalist asoiaf
→ great houses of westeros

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Game of Thrones House Sigils in German Style by Kevin Hatch


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The Great Houses of Westeros (x)

inspired by this post

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Artist: Narwen

Game of thrones.

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"God’s promises are yes and amen." What He promised will come to pass at the right time. #unshakablefaith #amen #inked

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This monster absolutely zero is giving me so much energy that turns me into a real monster and I feel generally pretty damn good. #monster #energydrink #zerosugar #zerocalories

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So kids made these little rubber bands and became so much more than friendship bracelets. #loombands #niece #nephew

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Miss, for every broken promises I made, I am sorry. #unsentletter

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Sticky note. #love #notetomyfuturewife

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And this taho takes my brain to another dimension. It sends me to outer space. #soy #taho #silkentofu #goodmorning (at Anglais’ Cubicle)